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Fahrplanauskunft When is the next bus to ...?
We offer you a widely spread network in the district of "Kreis Unna". Our buses nearly get you anywhere around. The easiest way to find the right bus is our yourney planner:
Simply enter start ("von") and destination ("nach") and when you like to travel ("Ich möchte um..."). If you click on the "Aktualisieren"-Button we will show you the next connections. If you have to change on the way to your destination you will find all the information you need here, too.

Aushangfahrplan At the bus stop
All bus stops are marked with a "H"-sign (green H on a yellow ground). On each stop you can see the name of the stop and the services stopping there. You will also find all the departures on a notice like on the image on the right. Please note that the departure times can be different whether you travel monday to friday ("Montag bis Freitag"), saturday ("Samstag") or on sunday or holidays ("Sonn- und Feiertag").

Times for each service
If you prefer to print the times of your favorite service you will find all the timetables on